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Social Prospecting Workbook

We’ve identified the quickest way to find potential prospects on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google+.

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Google Now Rewarding Mobile-Friendly Websites
April 21, 2015

Today Google rolled out an algorithm change that is designed to reward

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Twitter’s New Face(book) Lift
May 13, 2014

There’s a new look for social media birds to discover. And it’s

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Why Now’s the Time to Check Your LinkedIn Company Page
April 9, 2014

Be prepared – the look of your LinkedIn Company Page is about

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How to Run an Inbound Marketing Campaign

Discover the essential elements of campaigns that solve today’s common marketing problems and result in a truly “connected” experience for your prospects and leads. With this checklist you’ll develop an inbound marketing campaign that starts with the customer in mind, uses integrated tools to connect everything, and works in any situation.

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10 Useless Things to Cut from Your Marketing

Transform into a more efficient marketer by recognizing 10 things you can cut from your marketing today, as well as where you should be spending that previously wasted time.

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Closed Loop Marketing

Take the blindfolds off and focus on actual results rather than fuzzy metrics. This e-book shows you how to close the loop between marketing and sales.

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Infographic: 5 Steps to Rev Up Your Lead-to-Sales Cycle

The faster you can move prospects to leads and leads to sales, the faster your business will see the results of your marketing efforts. Here are five inbound marketing steps to get you rockin' and rollin'.

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Guide: The Essential Step-by-Step Guide to Internet Marketing
From establishing your initial keyword strategy to leveraging social media to
promote content online all the way through to analyzing and refining your
strategies, this comprehensive internet marketing ebook will guide you through
every essential step you should be taking to effectively market your business on
the web, whether you're a software company, a chimney sweep, a tailor, or a
marketing agency, to name a few.

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Infographic: Why You Need Inbound Marketing

Here's a simple break down of the basics of inbound marketing and how it can add real, measurable value to your business.

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Guide: An Introduction to Business Blogging

The facts speak for themselves. Marketing data clearly shows that blogging is a critical piece of the inbound marketing methodology and directly correlates to better business results. In this ebook, we walk you step-by-step through the blogging fundamentals and show you how to start reaping the benefits of this marketing channel.

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