Marketing Automation & Inbound Marketing Software

Marketing Automation is software that powers your inbound marketing program. You can create intricate and streamlined systems through HubSpot or other inbound marketing software to customize and optimize every stage of relationship building from initial introduction through receipt confirmation. It can even be easy for you. Imagine that!

On your own, the internal workings of a Marketing Automation system can seem complex and cumbersome. Spark Inbound Marketing has the experience to determine which functionality is right for your company and your marketing program to make it hum. We pair quality content with the automated systems to position you as the industry leader, build a strong customer relationship and present sales offerings at just the right timing in the buying cycle. We monitor and optimize your campaign ongoing to ultimately deliver pre-qualified leads to your team so you can close the sale. Some campaigns will even deliver sales directly.

A Marketing Automation program often includes:

  • Content creation & optimization for different campaigns and/or different audiences including:
    • Lead nurturing campaigns
    • Demand generating campaigns
    • Landing pages
    • Confirmation pages
    • Personalized content based on buyer behavior
    • Customized calls to action
    • Customized forms
  • Targeted placement of optimized content, calls to action and forms
  • Testing and personalization
  • Segmentation based on data response
  • Lead Qualifying & Scoring
  • Workflow creation with automatic and dynamic adjustments and notification
  • Campaign integration and synchronizing with CRM to support sales conversion
  • Comprehensive campaign analysis and reporting with KPI’s comparison

If you’re ready to propel your business to the next level with ease, call Spark Inbound Marketing today to get started with your own Automated Marketing program.

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