Converting Leads

Once your customers discover you and the high value you deliver, the next natural step is for your visitors to reach out to you. One major difference between Inbound Marketing and traditional marketing is that your customers will be seeking you out and coming to you. Through your informative and well-placed content, your visitors will be inspired and motivated to submit their email address, phone number, interests, preferences and more.

We convert leads though:

Content Creation

Effective, innovative content is the key to creating value online. Having information that consumers can quickly find, digest, enjoy and then share is the single most critical factor of success on the Internet today.

Conversion Paths (CTA)

Your quality content together with a compelling invitation to take action (the call to action or CTA) forms the foundation of a successful online vehicle. From this initial point of contact you can build long-term relationships and maximize your sales.

Our skilled team of writers knows exactly how to craft the right message for your content. We write compelling content for websites, blogs, social platforms, newsletters, email campaigns, presentations, eBooks, whitepapers, case studies, and more.

Lists and Segmentation

Your content offerings will convert most effectively when they are highly targeted and strategically placed before customers who are in need of your services. By utilizing lists and honing your messaging for highly specific market segments, you can turn your name into immediate value. When you make it convenient and beneficial to consume your content, prospects will reach out to you wanting more.


Make the most of every investment in quality content by extending its reach through promotion. Add exposure and boost your inbound marketing efforts by actively sending, sharing, and advertising your content with the intent of drawing interested prospects to your content.

Depending on the nature of your content and the audience you’re attracting, we’ll promote your content via blog posts, email marketing, paid search, social media, direct mail, digital PR, or other appropriate offline or online venues.

We will create a customized content promotion plan or you can choose from our a la carte content promotion services.

Here are just a few examples of the types of content promotion services we offer:

  • Promoting your free webinar via an integrated social media campaign
  • Promoting your free whitepaper via an email to your database of leads (or a purchased or affiliate list)
  • Promoting your new product via a social media contest
  • Promoting your eBook with a Pay Per Click campaign on Google
  • Promoting your press release via PRWeb


Progress Assessment & Analysis

We track results. Every marketing initiative is only as good as the results you can track. As an Inbound Marketing Agency, we focus on activities that directly impact your sales. For each tactic we employ, Spark Inbound Marketing will assess ongoing progress and report back your results.

At this stage of Converting Leads, assessment factors include:

  • Conversion path analysis
  • Promotion success analysis
  • Lead generation goal progress analysis

Ongoing assessment and analysis also allows us to make adjustments as needed at any point along the way based on real time performance and data feedback.

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