Closing Customers

Once you connect, keep it going. You’ll want to immediately take the next step and start building a relationship. It is essential to establish regular communication with your prospects and even more important to continue to provide value.

Different customers respond to different communication formats and/or messages. Based on the conversion paths people use and the data they provide, we can help you segment your own list(s) and generate effective, progressive contact to funnel leads into sales. We will help you translate the cues and social breadcrumbs they leave behind to target your inbound marketing campaign for the highest conversions possible.

We effectively and consistently convert leads with:

Lead Nurturing ‘Workflows’

This is one of our specialties. At Spark Inbound Marketing we accelerate your prospects through their buying cycle directly to your product or service. This is done with carefully designed lead nurturing that builds a relationship, inspires confidence and ultimately presents an offering or offerings as your customer is ready for it.

We create and execute ‘workflows’, or custom designed communication plans, that can gauge your customer’s readiness and present the appropriate information at just the right time. Our automated email communications build on one another, continuing to add value and make offerings at proven timing. Effective email marketing is all about subscriber experience -- sending useful, relevant emails at the right time to people who have requested them.

Lead Scoring and Qualification

It is not enough to amass leads. You and your sales team also need tools to qualify leads to be able to time your offerings and approach in order to successfully close sales.

We help you create and utilize a lead scoring system that will inform and prioritize your sales efforts to maximize conversion.

Marketing Automation & CRM Integration

Your time is invaluable. Every moment you spend doing customer follow up, data input and reporting counts toward your bottom line. Our commitment is that your marketing program be integrated with your CRM for real-time customer data collection and integrated feedback. This integration and automation allows your Marketing program to adjust based on purchase behavior, user interactivity/engagement and more. You are able to automatically customize your Marketing program for each prospect based on their specific needs. This translates to even more added value and builds a great relationship over time.

Progress Assessment & Analysis

We track results. Every marketing initiative is only as good as the results you can track. As an Inbound Marketing Agency, we focus on activities that directly impact your sales. For each tactic we employ, at every stage of the process, Spark Inbound Marketing will assess ongoing progress and report back your results.

At this stage of Closing Customers, assessment factors include:

  • Workflow analysis
  • Funnel conversion analysis
  • Customer goal progress analysis


Ongoing assessment and analysis also allows us to make adjustments as needed at any point along the way based on real time performance and data feedback.

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