Customer Loyalty

To be successful at all you have to be found, but to be wildly successful you need to be loved. You may be surprised to hear your most profitable customers can be your existing customers. They have already searched high and low for you, purchased from you and like you. Converting these customers into subsequent sales requires much less effort than finding and converting new customers. So how do you create long-term loyalty with your customers – you provide even more value, make consistent contact and continue to be likable. This will keep your customers engaged and asking for more.

When you consider the lifelong revenues possible from one client, your marketing cost per lead goes down, your customer service requirements go down because you’ve likely answered many questions already, and the bottom line value to you is exponential.

Once you have an established customer relationship, nurturing the bond is like caring for a garden with water and fertilizer. The more care you provide that resonates with their needs, the more fruitful the relationship will be.

At Spark Inbound Marketing we build loyalty over time with consistent contact in these areas:

Social Media

Social Media is a must today. This broad category can leave your head spinning and we can help. Spark Inbound Marketing understands the ever-changing subtleties of each of the social media platforms you should be using to reach and engage your ideal audience. You don’t necessarily need BLING. And you don’t need to spend endless hours or dollars updating each of your pages and channels. What you need to do is speak directly to your ideal customers often and in varying ways to continue a cycle of providing value and deepening your customer relationship. We can help.

[Question for Cristi – do you want to get specific here re: the various social properties?]

Personalized Calls to Action

Being in front of your customers regularly is great, but it’s not quite enough. You have to invite them to engage. Whichever platform or channel you are using, always include a personalized invitation or call to action that gives ample opportunity for your customer to say “YES! I like what I see and I want more.”

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is the single most important tool you have to build relationships. This is your tool to directly remind your customers:

  • That you are the reliable expert in your industry,
  • That you understand their needs and have great solutions ready for them,
  • That you will provide generous information and add value ongoing, and
  • That you are different than your competitors and worth their loyalty.


Dynamic workflows help you deliver the perfect message on cue in your customers buying cycle. You can track buying behavior and customize your timing and content to match the interest and needs of your customer. Build trust and be top of mind when your customer is ready to buy.

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