Attracting Visitors

First and foremost you need to be found.

This has always been fundamental to success, though today this is more challenging and complex than ever – even crazy making. It is essential to be visible, relevant and trustworthy. When your customers are ready to take a next step, you want to be the obvious choice. But do you need BLING? Do you have to spend 5 hours a day managing your marketing? NO! We can help get you there with a straight shot – proven tactics with proven results.

Attracting visitors is what happens naturally when you’re a thought leader: when you add value and inform, when you answer just the right questions at the time when your customer is asking. In other words, you become a reliable source of information that customers appreciate and value – the “go-to” source.

Here at Spark, we know how to cut through the noise and generate a prominent presence for you – a presence focused on visibility and value, so choosing you becomes the easy answer to all your customers’ questions.

Here are a few common tactics we use to attract visitors to your site:

Keyword Research

Create context with keywords. We identify the exact search terms your customers are using to learn about and look for your products & services. With this information we can directly tell the search engines who you are and what you are offering, and we can also target the precise audience(s) you want to be attracting based on their keyword usage.

Website (On Page) Optimization

Make a match. These “keywords” are then integrated into various places within your content, making a targeted connection with your customer. The search engines reward precise keyword matching in your content as it shows you are ‘relevant’ and therefore a worthy ‘result’ to present to the searcher.


Lead the conversation. Blogging is a powerful way to become a thought leader. With a relatively small amount of content, you can spread your name, generate interest in your brand, convey information, and even call your prospect to action – which could be direct lead generation, social sharing or a subscribe request that opens the door to a longer relationship. Become known as the expert – start blogging today.

Social Media Promotion & Growth

Spread the word. Social Media is the new ‘word of mouth’ marketing. The fastest way to grow your audience is to successfully reach and engage existing and prospective customers through Social Media. Today’s social channels allow you to present your brand in a myriad of ways – text, sound, images, video, links, etc. This variety allows your customers to connect with you on their terms. When connecting with you is easy and enjoyable, they will respond and even share enthusiastically.

Progress Assessment & Analysis

We track results. Every marketing initiative is only as good as the results you can track. As an Inbound Marketing Agency, we focus on activities that directly impact your sales. For each tactic we employ, at every stage of the process, Spark Inbound Marketing will assess ongoing progress and report back your results.

At this stage of Attracting Visitors, assessment factors include:

  • Keyword analysis
  • Social engagement and growth analysis
  • Traffic goal progress analysis


Ongoing assessment and analysis also allows us to make adjustments as needed at any point along the way based on real time performance and data feedback.

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