Your brand is your foundation. When done well it is the concise and specific articulation of your company's mission, vision and core values. It's your way to say to the world "this is who we are and what we do". Your brand should also reflect your ideal customer in some way — whether you're marketing to men, women, a certain level of sophistication, age, etc. Your brand is your identity. It's not just your logo, but rather your whole identity.

What exactly constitutes your brand? Some people are surprised to hear that any and every action and interaction from, with and by your company is an expression of your brand. You've heard the saying "you are what you eat"? Well, as a company your brand is that and much more — it's also what you say, who you hang out with and where you put your trash. Well beyond your marketing program, it's how you answer the phone, the people you hire, where you sell your products, etc. — these are all expressions of your brand.

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A Brand is pervasive. You want to make conscious, clear decisions about how each aspect is expressed. If you are intentional and consistent, the expression of your Brand can cultivate interest, trust, enthusiasm and loyalty. You can quickly turn visitors into believers and fans. Ask yourself:

Brand Assessment

Does your brand successfully:

  • Reflect your vision, mission, values?
  • Clearly communicate what you do and who you are?
  • Speak appropriately to your ideal target audience(s)?
  • Remain consistent throughout all of your marketing materials/channels?
  • Translate throughout your customer service experience?

If your Brand isn't strong in all of these areas, let us take a look with you.

  • We offer a Brand Analysis to see how your brand is performing.
  • We can also determine what you might do differently to better integrate your Brand to create a stronger foundation for your entire Marketing program.
    • Logo/Identity Refinement
    • Strategic Message Development (USP)
    • Custom Designs
    • Integrated Marketing Campaigns/Roll-Out

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