Getting Found Means Creating LOTS of Quality Content

Content Matters

Getting your website found is a constant struggle for many companies. 

And employing search engine optimization (SEO) practices was traditionally the answer.  

But these days traditional SEO is not enough.

Today, having a substantial amount of quality content under your domain is just as important.  

Quite simply, when it comes to driving traffic to your website, content volume matters

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How to Improve Your Business Blogging By Answering Your Customers' Questions [VIDEO]

Business Blogging 101: Writing for The Customer

Next time you’re reading a blog or watching a video, I want you to be conscious of a little voice in the back of your head that’s saying: 

 “How is this website going to solve my problem or answer my question right now“. 

And this is obvious as a web surfer, right? Of course you want to find content that’s relevant to your immediate needs.  

But for some reason, this point gets lost on many producers of content. Many business blogs choose to write about about the company Christmas party or even describe the new features of their product.

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How to Convert More of Your Blog Readers to Leads

Your Blog is Your First Meeting

These days, when someone reads your blog post, it’s like a having a first meeting with your company. People find you on search or social and read your post. You, of course, make a great first impression with an informative and professional article.

They’re impressed and feel good about receiving something of value for free.

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Inbound Marketing to the B2B Buying Cycle – A New Blog Series

Inbound Marketing to the B2B Buying Cycle is a Process

When people find your business on the internet, they begin a process of discovery, trust building and risk assessment with your company.

And they use your content to work their way through this process. They read your blog, download your whitepapers, watch your videos and attend your webinars. As they do this, they move farther down the sales funnel toward establishing a business relationship with your company.

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