How to Improve Your Business Blogging By Answering Your Customers' Questions [VIDEO]

Business Blogging 101: Writing for The Customer

Next time you’re reading a blog or watching a video, I want you to be conscious of a little voice in the back of your head that’s saying: 

 “How is this website going to solve my problem or answer my question right now“. 

And this is obvious as a web surfer, right? Of course you want to find content that’s relevant to your immediate needs.  

But for some reason, this point gets lost on many producers of content. Many business blogs choose to write about about the company Christmas party or even describe the new features of their product.

And sometimes this is OK but usually, this is not what your prospects are looking for. Let’s face it, we’re selfish creatures. And we’re busy. I’m sure your Christmas party was amazing but that’s not relevant to my immediate needs. 

If The Customer is Thinking It, You Should Be Writing It

Is your company spending valuable time and resources on business blogging? Are you creating content for the express purpose of marketing your products?

If you are, you need to watch the video below.  

At  Blogworld LA in November, Marcus Sheridan’s key theme was that answering your customers’ questions is one of the best ways to get on the map with your business blog.

How Do You Know What Questions Your Customers Are Asking?

Your company is full of great sources of customer questions. Here are a few:

  • Your customer support department is a treasure trove of customer questions, complaints and issues. Talk to them and tap into the customer support database
  • The sales department probably has a list of common questions that come from leads and opportunities in the pipeline. Brainstorm with your sales reps. 
  • Search your Facebook and Twitter accounts for questions
  • Monitor the Internet by setting up Google Alerts around questions and complaints tied to your brand

Create a Positive Feedback Loop in Your Marketing Program

When you create content that answers people’s questions, a whole bunch of great things start happening for your marketing:

  • Your search engine rankings improve because you get links from other sites
  • Your community grows and brand awareness increases because you get social media shares from your followers
  • Your content can go “viral” because it will resonate with a lot of people, introducing your brand to new markets. 
  • You will demonstrate to people that you care about them and not just selling your products. Good will shouldn’t be overrated

What Do You Think?

Are we right on the money here? Are we missing something? Has anyone else seen Marcus’ talks? What did you think of them? We’d love to hear from you. 

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