Inbound Marketing Presentation from Hubspot CTO Dharmesh Shah

Here’s a very informative presentation from the CTO of Hubspot, Dharmesh Shah at Dreamforce last fall.

If you already have a good understanding about the inbound marketing basics, I would you suggest you skip through the first half. If you don’t it’s worth sitting through the entire presentation.

Don’t Spam’em To Death

One part I thought was interesting was when he talked about how many people still think about B2B Marketing.

He broke it down into a two step process: 

Step 1: Give away a valuable piece of content in exchange for someone’s email address

Step 2: Spam them until either they buy something from you, you die or they die. 🙂

B2B Marketing is a Mutual Learning Relationship

Instead, Dharmesh suggests that, yes you have go through Step 1. But then B2B marketers should look at this as the start of a mutual learning relationship between the two parties. Every time the person comes back to the marketer’s site or Facebook page or wherever, it’s a chance to welcome them back and give them something more of value. 

“Ah, welcome back Dharmesh, we saw you downloaded this whitepaper last time, we thought you might be interested in this other similar whitepaper”

This part is at the 44 minute mark. 

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