The New Facebook Ads: Game Changer for B2B Marketers?

Bringing Content and Advertising Together

Facebook’s new advertising products look like they may be a game changer for B2B marketers. 

You will now have the ability to use your own Facebook Page content to make your own ads.

Here’s why should you care.

Facebook has never been an optimal place for b2b marketers.  It’s always been a network for people to communicate, share and bond with other friends – not to research the best b2b products and services. 

But B2B buyers are on Facebook, just like the rest of us. And they’re always looking for strong content to educate themselves before making a buying decision. If there is a way to help them discover relevant content to help them through their buying process…you just might have something very interesting. 

Here’s how it will work:

Promote Your Content With Facebook Premium AdsFacebook New Premium Ad Example

Say you are a B2B software company that’s created a brilliant new e-book that informs and educates your target audience – CIOs and CTOs for medium sized companies in the Northeast.  

Normally, you promote your content by posting it on Twitter and your LinkedIn Groups. You write a  guest post on another blog and you might even do a press release. All valid content marketing techniques. 

But with the new Facebook ad platform that’s debuting at the end of this February, you will now have an opportunity to buy ads that promote your e-book post directly on Facebook

You will still be able to target your audience by going through the normal Facebook ad buying process by choosing the demographics, geography and interests of your target market. But then you will be able to associate a post you have made previously, with that targeted ad.  

Facebook B2B Advertising Targeting

Social Context Advertising Works

If  one of your friends has “Liked” the e-book content, you’ll see that they Liked it in the ad. This is basically Facebook’s  “Sponsored Stories” product and is a key part of Facebook’s advertising strategy. Facebook claims that ads that include this “social context” are  40% more likely to be clicked on and 80% more likely to be remembered.  

According to documents originally posted to Scribd this week, “When people hear about you from friends, they listen”. 

The new ads will also allow people to respond to the content inside the ad, just as if they’d seen the content in their regular News Feed. 

Content Marketing Goes Mainstream

First of all, let’s chalk one up to content marketing movement, shall we? Folks like Joe Pulizzi, Robert Rose, Ardath AlbeeMike Volpe  and Seth Godin, have been talking for years about the power of content marketing.

And now with this new ad platform,  we may see a great way for companies to get their content found by tapping into Facebook’s new advertising platform. 

It’s still very early. And it will be interesting to see how companies react. But from where we stand here at Spark, it looks very interesting.

Content combined with the network effects of Facebook will give b2b marketers a powerful tool to promote their content, enhance their brand and ultimately sell more stuff. 

What do you think?

Facebook Premium Ads Overview

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