How to Convert More of Your Blog Readers to Leads

Your Blog is Your First Meeting

These days, when someone reads your blog post, it’s like a having a first meeting with your company. People find you on search or social and read your post. You, of course, make a great first impression with an informative and professional article.

They’re impressed and feel good about receiving something of value for free.

How to Convert More Blog Readers to Leads

The Principle of Reciprocity Kicks In

In the book, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert Cialdini, the author talks about the principle of reciprocity and it goes something like this:

When someone receives something of value for free, they feel a powerful inclination to give something back in return. This is human nature. 

And it works the same way on your blog as well.

After reading your post, people will feel inclined to give something back….and then BOOM….they see your offer. 

Make an Offer They Can’t Refuse

Do you have a promotion going on right now? Or how about a related whitepaper or an old presentation that would give the reader more insight? 

If you do, make an attractive graphic that links to the offer and put it at the end of your blog post.  

Link Your Offer to a Landing Page with a Form

When they click on your offer they should go to an exclusive landing page.  The landing page should be brief and to the point and should have a small unobtrusive form that innocently asks for two simple things – their name and email address.

They get the offer and your get their information. Win-Win.

And because you warmed them up with a great blog post, you should be able to convert more people to a lead than ever before.

Convert More Blog Readers to Leads in 3 Steps 

To review, you need to remember 3 steps to converting more blog readers to leads:

Step 1: Create interesting, informative, educational blog posts that solve your customers’ problems or answers one of their questions

Step 2: Create an attractive graphic at the end of the blog post that links to your offer

Step 3: Create a landing page for the offer with a short explanation of benefits and short simple form.  

That’s it. Try it, you’ll like it!

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