Inbound Marketing to the B2B Buying Cycle: Know Who Your Customers Are

3 Things You Must Know Before Marketing to Your Customer’s B2B Buying Cycle

Like any marketing program worth doing, inbound marketing requires a significant amount of research and preparation before you get started.

We think it boils down to three simple things you need to know:

  • Who You Customers Are
  • What Kind of Content They Consume
  • What You Want Them to Do


In this post, we’re going to focus on #1, Knowing Who Your Customers Are.

Inbound Marketing B2B Buying Cycle Knowing Your Customers

Understanding Your Customers is Underrated

Knowing your customers is one of the most underrated, under-appreciated and under-funded marketing activities out there.

Yet it’s critical to everything you do afterward – keyword research, content production, email nurturing, etc.

Knowing your B2B customers comes down to understanding what’s important to each of your different target market personas. For example, what may be important for the CFO may not be what’s important to the CIO or the CMO of a company.

To truly connect with each of those different types, you need to address their specific needs individually with content that speaks to them individually.

Ask The Right Questions…Get the Right Answers

When researching and developing your Target Market Personas (TMPs)  it’s important to ask the right questions:

  • What is the TMP’s role in the buying process?
  • What’s the education level of your TMP?
  • What issues keep them up at night?
  • How do they measure success? Could you help them achieve success with your product or service?
  • How do they learn new things for work? Google?, LinkedIn?, Events? Water Cooler?
  • What phrases do they use to describe their problems?
  • What kinds of questions does you customer support team consistently get?
  • If you have a blog already, just ask you visitors what they would like to learn. There is a great little free widget you can put on your blog from KissInsights that we highly recommend.

Using Your Target Market Personas

Once you’ve developed your Target Market Personas, please use them in your inbound marketing program.

Keep them in mind when you’re doing the following activities:

  • Keyword Research: Is this something my TMP would search on?
  • Social Media: Is this the kind of network or group that my TMP would frequent?
  • PPC: Is this the kind of advertisement  that my TMP would click on?
  • Landing Page: Does this Landing Page make my TMP want to give up his name and email for a piece of premium content?
  • Blogging: Does this blog post make my TMP want to subscribe to my blog? Or share this post with another person?


Stay tuned for our next post where we discuss how to create content for each of your TMPs!

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About the Author

Cristi is president and founder of Spark Inbound Marketing, an inbound marketing agency dedicated to high quality content creation and smart strategies to help companies attract more visitors and leads.