Give Me Facebook Likes or Give Me Death

That little ubiquitous Facebook Like button is everywhere these days. You see it on web sites, billboards and blogs.

Your boss wants one yesterday.

But what’s the big deal?

Why do we all have to Like each other?

Exactly what does being Liked do for your business on Facebook anyway?

The Importance of Being Liked

A recent comScore study The Power of Like, showed that in May 2011, 27%  of Facebook users’ time was spent in the Facebook home page News Feed. (The News Feed is the constantly updating scroll of posts coming in from all of your friends on your Facebook home page.)

Time spent on the News Feed was greater than any other area of Facebook.  More than Profile tweaking, playing with Apps (Games) and even viewing Photos.

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And this makes sense. People go to Facebook to socialize and catch up with their friends and family. They always have.

And they do it in droves.

Facebook has 720 million registered users as of August 23, 2011. (Source:

So how do you get your business in front of these millions of people? You guessed it. Get into their News Feed.

And how do you do that? Right again. Get them to Like you.

So if you get them to Like you, are you on the road to blissful Facebook marketing heaven? Mission accomplished? Big raise in your future?

Not so fast.

Nobody’s Paying Attention

Another study by PageLever in June 2011, reported that for every 100 fans a company has, only an average of 7.5 posts were counted as impressions.

Facebook impressions are defined by Facebook as any post that scrolls through a Facebook user’s News Feed while they’re logged on. This includes impressions that might scroll by while you’re on the phone, washing the car or even just checking your email in another browser tab.

In other words, just because Facebook counts 7.5 of your posts as impressions, doesn’t mean any of your fans are actually paying attention.

And it gets worse.

The study found that only 3.2% of fans actually visit a company’s Facebook Page. And the more fans you have, the less percentage of your total fans go.


The Importance of Being Awesome

So is all this Facebook stuff even worth it?

Are you throwing your time away with all this Liking business?

Don’t you have a business to run?

The answer is yes, it’s worth it.  And here’s why:

Social Media offer an unprecedented opportunity for your business to connect with your customers, prospects and fans.

  • You can have conversations with existing customers and find out exactly what they’re thinking.
  • You can offer amazing customer service that delights them and gets them talking about you to others
  • You can get feedback on product ideas before they come out
  • You can keep them up-to-date on all company developments. (good and bad)
  • You can help solve their problems with amazing content

It’s not about being Liked so much as it’s just being liked. People will like you because of your awesome  products,  customer service or design. They’ll like you because you’re authentic and transparent. They’ll like because you treat them like human beings instead of just another sale.

So whatever your business does, be awesome at it.

Do that and you’ll have more Likes than you’ll know what to do with.

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